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Surabaya, October 17, 1996
No. : 083/FKKS/X-96
Re. : Indonesian Churches' Day of Prayer and Mourning

Christian Communities worldwide

Greetings in Christ's love,

In regard to the Black Thursday incident -October 10, 1996- in Situbondo and a formal talk between Surabaya Christian Communication Forum (FKSS- East Java) and the leaders of Church Synods in East Java on October 14, 1996, we hereby announce:

1. Appointment of Sunday, October 27, 1996 as the INDONESIAN CHURCHES' DAY OF PRAYER AND MOURNING.

We therefore urge every church to have an intercession and/or fasting -praying time in the service on that day, with prayer items such as follow:

1. Pray for the families affected by the incident.
2. Pray for the Christians who are still in anxiety and fear.
3. Pray for God guidance for the government and military in their handling the problem.

2. Initiating fund collection for helping our brothers and sisters who were victimized by the disastrous incident in Situbondo.
All contribution may be directly transfered to:

FKKS (Robby)
Bank Danamon branch
BRI Tower Surabaya
ACCT. 424.000.000.170

We'd also like to inform that all contribution received by FKKS after October 10, 1996, will be given to the victimized churches in Situbondo and its surrounding areas, with the following priorities:
1. Congregations (who are victims).
2. Publication/providing information on the Black Thursday incident, October 10, 1996.
3. Legal process.
4. Physical rehabilitation.

Your support and cooperation are greatly appreciated. May we extend our sincere gratitude.

May God strengthen us and be with us all.


Dr. med. Paul Tahalele
General Director

Drs. Thomas Santoso, MSi.
General Secretary